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Nebulous is the home of one of the largest competitive Smash Bros scenes in the world. Our tournaments frequently feature top pros as well as visitors from out of state. Nebulous is accommodating to players of all skill levels and offers a large number of setups and friendlies in order that everyone can play and improve. Our TO staff has a reputation for running a tight ship, and is able to provide awesome content because of this such as fun side events. Our events are streamed on 

 SAT - Nebulous Prime MELEE

Our Melee tournaments are our biggest and are on Saturdays. These feature round-robin pools, feeding into amateur and pro brackets, so players of all skill levels get a lot of games in!

SUN - Nebulous Prime SM4SH

Our Smash4 tournaments on Sundays frequently feature some of the top talent from one of the strongest regions in the world. With our large amount of venue space, we offer room for the game to grow, and it has been! With our large and passionate TO team.

TUE - Nebs After Dark MELEE

Due to the popularity of Melee, we have our Nebs After Dark series, which is a weeknight Super Smash Bros Melee event. Unlike its Saturday counterpart, this event has a lower venue fee. Newer players will always be able to find people willing to teach them the games.

 WED - Nebulous Prime SMASH 64

Nebulous Gaming NYC caters to the Smash64 community on Wednesday nights. Smash64 has a small but extremely passionate scene.

 FRI - Nebulous Prime PROJECT M

Friday houses Project M. A mod with a dedicated following. It features a large numbers of setups for endless friendlies. Newer players will always be able to find people willing to teach them the games.

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